With Cannabis legalization commencing in 2018, NORML Canada declares the greatest victory of its 40 year history

April 20, 2018 18:32 ET | Source: NORML Canada

TORONTO, April 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the legalization of adult-use cannabis across Canada intended for this year, one of the chief objectives of our organization has been achieved. With these coming changes there are many reasons to celebrate this 420, yet there is still much work to do!

Canadians are on the cusp of reforms that represent a crucial step towards ending the drug war. NORML Canada will continue to work towards thoughtful and reasonable cannabis regulations that protect all Canadians.

To better reflect this massive shift in social attitudes, and the coming existence of regulation for which we may finally discuss reform, a new mandate has been proposed:

NORML Canada is a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level in Canada since 1978. NORML Canada advocates for fair and inclusive cannabis laws, supports restitution for those wrongly harmed by cannabis prohibition, and takes an evidence-based approach to educating Canadians on cannabis.

NORML Canada is also dedicated to ensuring cannabis patients have reasonable access to their medicine as Canada legalizes non-medical use. NORML Canada is committed to continuing its advocacy to ensure the liberalization of cannabis laws in Canada works for all Canadians.

Abigail Sampson
Interim Executive Director
NORML Canada
2173 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1K4