To the 17 Conservative Senators not appointed by Stephen Harper…

…Canada desperately needs you to vote your conscience on Bill C-10.

Bill C-10 was PASSED by the Senate Committee on February 27, 2012.
The Senate Committee has completed its study of Bill C-10 and passed it “as amended, and with observations” to the Senate. The only amendments to Bill C-10 that passed were those put forward by Conservative senators, and turned out to be the same as amendments that were previously rejected, when proposed by Irwin Cotler.

Bill C-10 now is now before the entire Senate today, Mar. 1, for debate and a vote. The government has restricted debate on this omnibus bill to a total of 6 hours.
There are 9 different crime bills contained within C-10, including more than one controversial bill, and there are 105 Senators.
The Senate will possibly vote on the bill late tonight.

Email addresses of all senators NOT appointed by Stephen Harper:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

AUDIO: The final gavel of the Bill C-10 Senate Committee…

Bill C-10, the so-called, “Safe Streets and Communities Act,” despite the government’s claims about it targetting organized crime, would impose mandatory minimum sentences for growing as few as 6 marijuana plants!

Bill C-10, also known as the “omnibus crime bill,” has already passed through the House of Commons and is now being studied by a Senate Committee.

Bill C-10 would be a huge and expensive mistake for Canada, but it is preventable. The non-Harper appointed Conservative Senators have the opportunity to defeat it, and become Canadian heroes in the process.

NORML Canada believe that the 17 non-Harper appointed Conservative Senators will give this omnibus crime bill the study it deserves, particularly the mandatory sentencing for drug offences provisions, and vote against it, for the sake of all Canadians.

Our senators, especially “the 17,” are Canada’s last hope of preventing this disastrous legislation that will harm from Canadian society.

In the Senate there are 41 Conservative Senators appointed by Stephen Harper, 17 Conservative Senators appointed by Brian Mulroney or Paul Martin, 41 Liberal Senators, two Independent Senators, one Progressive Conservative Senator and three vacancies.
If these 17 Senators vote their conscience and reject Bill C-10, they will be Canadian heroes by preventing what would have been a very harmful and expensive mistake for our country.

How can YOU help? Send letters to Senators and urge them to stand up for Canada.

NORML Canada’s letter to the Senate: