A unique opportunity for 17 Conservative Senators!

Stephen Harper has appointed a total of 41 senators since becoming Prime Minister, giving the Conservative government a majority in the Senate.

Stephen Harper filled five vacant Senate seats in January of this year and put out a press release stating that all of the new Senators are “committed to community safety and justice for the victims of crime.” [Bill C-10 is titled, "The Safe Streets and Communities Act."]

Newly appointed Senator Runciman held a press conference in which he accused Liberal Senators of obstructing the government’s “mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences” bills (C-26, C-15, S-10), even though…

* Bill C-26 died on the order paper — due to an election called by Stephen Harper.

* Bill C-15 died on the order paper — due to Stephen Harper proroguing Parliament

* Bill S-10 died on the order paper — due to an election call, precipitated by the Conservative cabinet being found in contempt of Parliament, for not providing adequate costing for their crime bills.

Despite warnings from numerous experts, and unable to provide any evidence to support the efficacy of minimum sentencing for drug offences, the current Conservative government is bent on repeating a flawed policy that has already been tried in the United States, with a disastrous outcome.

Despite the fact that the Senate is supposed to act as a “chamber of sober second thought,” it’s likely that almost all Conservative Senators will vote along party lines to pass Bill C-10.

There are currently seventeen Conservative Senators who were not appointed by Stephen Harper, and therefore less motivated by partisan politics.

Conservative Senator (and hero) Pierre-Claude Nolin, has already made his opposition to Bill C-10 very clear!

On matters of drug policy, Senator Nolin is probably the most knowledgeable senator in Canada, and the 2002 report of his Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, entitled, “Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy,” is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative documents of its kind.


The other 16 Senators have a unique opportunity to take a principled stand, and go down in Canadian history as making a wise and courageous decision, at a time when the country needed them the most.

It is not an exaggeration to say that these seventeen senators have it in their power to save Canada from a reckless and expensive mistake that will cause needless, and long-lasting harm to this, and future, generations.

NORML Canada believes that a “no” vote on Bill C-10 is in the best interests of Canada. The mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offences provisions, within Bill C-10, will result in large numbers of Canadians going to prison for low-level, non-violent offences. Many more Canadian are going to experience, first hand, the heartache, fear and sense of helplessness that comes with having a family member sent to prison.

NORML Canada is simply doing what we think any good Canadian would do, if they too understood the gravity of the current situation. We are doing our part to help stop an ideological, reckless policy disaster, by raising public awareness and encouraging Canadians to write to their senators to make their concerns about Bill C-10 known.

Thank you for visiting the Bill C-10 campaign website.


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