Write a Senator!

You can help by printing our letter and mailing it to all members of the senate.

Please tell your friends and family to write them as well. Stopping Bill C-10 is in the best interests of all Canadians and the opportunity to prevent this disastrous legislation is very short.

You can use our letter (below), or even better, write one of your own.


1. Copy the text of the sample letter below and paste into a text document.

2. Print the letter, sign it, put it in an envelope.

3. Write a senator’s address on the envelope, especially Conservative senators.

Senators on the Committee studying Bill C-10

Senators, listed by party affiliation

4. Mail the letter. No postage needed.

Mail may be sent, postage-free, to any senator using this address:

Senator [senator's name goes here]
The Senate of Canada
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A4

Senator John Wallace
The Senate of Canada
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A4

As you mail your letter(s), feel good about yourself!

Most Canadians know little to nothing about mandatory minimums and the disastrous impact they will have on Canadian society. Not only are you informed, you are performing your duty as a concerned citizen in making an effort to prevent the passage of this regressive legislation. Good for you, and good for Canada!

More ways to contact Senators: FAX and EMAIL addresses

Questions? Want to get more involved in this campaign?
Please contact us! billc10campaign@norml.ca

Thank you for your help!
NORML Canada
Video:How to write a letter to a Senator

Sample letter: