Senate Committee Highlights

Highlights from the Bill C-10 Senate Committee meetings

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Mtg #1: February 1, 2012


Senator NolinThe Honourable Senator Fraser:

“I am struck by the fact that if you grow six marijuana plants for the purposes of trafficking, which could be giving to your neighbour over the back fence, you can get a mandatory minimum of six months.  However, a child sex offender can get as little as 30 days for making sexually explicit material available to a child.

What I am trying to find out is whether there is, somewhere, a formula, a grid, a set of guidelines, to establish what mandatory minimums would be appropriate in different circumstances.  It seems to me that any sexual offence against a child is more serious than growing six pot plants.

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Mtg #2: February 2, 2012

The Honourable Daniel Shewchuk

Minister of Justice, Government of Nunavut

Bill C‑10′s emphasis on increased jail time and mandatory minimums will have a specific effect on Nunavut. Some Bill C‑10 provisions conflict with the values and principles of Nunavut’s justice system, which is based on traditional Inuit concepts of justice and rehabilitation.  Justice in Nunavut has always been intended to reflect the population and the culture of the territory, which is predominantly Inuit.”

Mtg #3: February 8, 2012

Daniel A. MacRury

Chair, National Criminal Justice Section, Canadian Bar Association

It represents a profound shift in orientation from a system that prioritizes public safety, through individualized sentencing, rehabilitation and reintegration, to one that puts punishment and vengeance first.”

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Mtg #4: February 9, 2012

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Mtg #5: February 15, 2012

Superintendent Eric Slinn

Director, Drug Branch, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

If we take six plants, we have to look at size of plants.  I have seen plants as big as Christmas trees.  Then we have to look at the person conceivably saying, “I am consuming this.” We know through our experts how much a heavy user would smoke. It might be in the area of three to five grams per day. A Christmas‑tree-sized plant will produce pounds of marijuana.

Ron Evans
Chief, Norway House Cree Nation, Manitoba
Keewatinowi Okimakanak, Inc.

“I am not here to protect the sex offender or the drug dealer who is destroying lives. Rather, we are here to try to protect the ones we can save at this time. If a bill is introduced that will not do that, and that will create more criminals, then we cannot support it.”

Mtg #6: February 16, 2012

John Conroy

Lawyer, as an Individual

“How is the minister better equipped to determine whether or not somebody is a risk to the public, as opposed to the Correctional Service of Canada that gathers far more information than we ever get from the Americans, and then the National Parole Board that has the specific mandate to try and assess risk to reoffend and impose conditions and so on and so forth?  It just does not make any sense to have a minister make those decisions. It appears as if he lacks faith in his own ministry