Cannabis Armistice Now!



On December 1, 2015 there were raids on Nanaimo dispensaries Trees Dispensary, Nature’s Source Society, and Phoenix’s Pain Management Society which was followed by arrests and seizures. This comes after the early November raid on a Saskatoon dispensary, the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, again arrests and seizures followed. Patients and caregivers are being treated as criminals. Also in early November, NORML Canada’s own board member at large John Vergados had seed charges brought against him in Montreal. As you read this government prosecutors are still trying to put people in jail for cannabis – even though it will be legal soon – a waste of public resources. This is not right. NORML Canada calls on the new government to declare a cannabis armistice now. A cannabis armistice would mean all cannabis charges are dropped and nobody gets charged with new cannabis charges until we figure what the new rules are going to be. We understand it will take time to create a new regulatory regime, but while we are waiting, no more ruined lives. Justin Trudeau – save our brothers and sisters – declare a cannabis armistice now!

Paul Lewin
Ontario Regional Director – NORML Canada






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