Alice Finnamore – NDP


“Legalizing it, she said, would not only save tax dollars, but would free up the justice system to concentrate on more important criminal activity” Continue reading

Catherine Bell – NDP


“Actually the NDP is in favour of decriminalization of marijuana for adult use.” Continue reading

Donovan Cavers – GPC


“It’s proven [prohibition] doesn’t really work because there is still a lot of drug use. if anything, drug use has increased.” Continue reading

Justin Trudeau – LPC


“Tax it, regulate. It’s one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids because the current war on drugs, the current model is not working” Continue reading

Mark Glass – GPC


“We legalize it, we regulate it and we tax it.” Continue reading

Mike MacDonald – GPC


“The official party platform is to legalize marijuana. [Criminalizing marijuana requires] spending a lot of money and it doesn’t do any good.” Continue reading

Philip Stone – GPC


“Prohibition does not work … we should legalize it and eliminate organized crime.” Continue reading

Ralph Goodale – LPC


“We are of the view that a regulatory and taxation regime is likely to be more effective in keeping marijuana out of the hands of young people.” Continue reading

Rick Norlock – CPC


“legalizing marijuana is ‘naive and oversimplistic’ because it would add to society’s ills, not reduce them” Continue reading

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

“What I think everybody believes,” Harper said, “is that the current approach [to illegal drugs] is not working. But it is not clear what we should do.” Continue reading