Committee Research Papers

The research papers used by the Senate Committee.

Guiding Principles

The Governance of Human Agency – Background Document
-Roderick A. Macdonald

The Contribution of Ethics in Defining Guiding Principles for a Public Drug Policy
-Jean-François Malherbe

The Role of Knowledge and Culture in Public Policy on Illegal Drugs
-Thomas De Koninck

This paper was commissioned by Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin from Diane Riley, PhD.

Drugs and Drug Policy in Canada: A Brief Review & Commentary
-Diane Riley

“It is time to re-frame the problem. For decades there had been a futile debate about whether self-destructive drug use is a “criminal problem” or a “medical problem”. I hope that it can now be clear that it is neither — it is a political problem.”
— Chapter 11. Conclusions

During hearings in the House of Commons on the proposed new drug law, the Liberal government stated that it would call for a full independent review of drug policy within one year of the bill becoming law. The CDSA was proclaimed in force in May of 1997 and still there is no sign of a much-needed review of drug policy in Canada.
— Chapter 11. Conclusions

These papers have been commissioned by the Committee in Fulfillment of its Research Program:

An Exploratory Study Among Canadians About the Use of Cannabis 
-Leger Marketing
Canada’s International Obligations Under the Leading International Conventions on the Control of Narcotic Drugs
-Daniel Dupras

Drug Prohibition and the Constitution
-David Goetz

Historical and Cultural Uses of Cannabis and The Canadian “Marijuana Clash”
-Leah Spicer

Illegal Drug Use and Crime: A Complex Relationship
-Lyne Casavant & -Chantal Collin

Illicit Drug Trends in Canada 1980-2001
-Gérald Lafrenière &  -Leah Spicer

Inventory of Federal Research on Illegal Drugs and Related Issues
-Diane LeducNancy & -Miller Chenier

Legislative Policy and Two-Sided Crimes: Some elements of a pluridimensional theory of the criminal law
-Alvaro P. Pires

National Drug Policy: Australia
-Robin MacKay

National Drug Policy: France
-Chantal Collin

National Drug Policy: Sweden
-Gérald Lafrenière

National Drug Policy: Switzerland’s
-Chantal Collin

National Drug Policy: The Netherlands
-Benjamin Dolin

National Drug Policy:  United Kingdom -Gérald Lafrenière

National Drug Policy: United States of America
-Benjamin Dolin

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Cannabis : Review of the Research Findings
-Barbara Buston Wheelock

Police Powers And Drug-Related Offences
-Gérald Lafrenière

Reported Incidents, Convictions, Incarceration And Sentencing In Relation To Illegal Drugs In Canada
-Gérald Lafrenière

The Costs of Drug Abuse and Drug Policy
-Antony G. Jackson & -Economics Division

The History and Development of the Leading International Drug Control Conventions
-Jay Sinha

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