Committee Witnesses

Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs: Witness List
The Committee witness list provides links to the testimony and presentation materials from each witness (234 witnesses in total).

The following are just some of the witnesses who appeared before the Committee. Click the names of the witnesses to see their testimony.

Conroy & Company – John Conroy, Barrister (President of NORML Canada)

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Dr. Henry Haddad

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)
Michael J. Boyd, Chair of the Drug Abuse Committee
Barry King, Former Chair of the Drug Abuse Committee
Robert G. Lesser, Vice Chair of the Drug Abuse Committee

Canadian Drug Policy Foundation – Eugene Oscapella, Executive Director
Testimony: October 16, 2001 & October 29, 2001
Brief: How Drug Prohibition Finances and Otherwise Enables Terrorism
Brief: Drugs, Criminal Justice and Social Policy
Brief: The Criminal Law and Twentieth Century Canadian Drug Policy

International Center for Comparative Criminologie, U of Montreal – Serge Brochu
Brief: The Relationship Between Drugs and Crime

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Robert G. Lesser, Chief Superintendent

Prevention Source BC – Colin R. Mangham, PhD, Director
Brief: Implications of a Liberalized Drug Policy in Canada

Bendikt J. Fischer, Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, U of T
Brief: Considerations for a ‘Public Health’ approach to Cannabis Use Control in Canada

Canadian Police Association (CPA)
David Griffin, Executive Officer
Glen Hayden, Detective with Drug Control Section of Edmonton Police Service
Dale Orban, Sergeant from Regina Police & Director of the Regina Police Association

Eric Single, Professor, Department of Public Health Science, University of Toronto
Brief: The impact of cannabis decriminalisation in Australia and the United States
Presentation: The Australian experience and its implications to Canadian drug policy

Andrew D. Hathaway, Ph.D., Researcher, From the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Brief: Cannabis Effects and Dependency Concerns in Long-term Frequent Users
Brief: Charter Rights Of Canadian Drug Users

Pat Erickson, Researcher
Brief: Three Decades of Cannabis Criminals
Brief: Canadian Cannabis Policy

Marie-Andrée Bertrand, Professor, Emeritus of Criminology, University of Montreal
Brief: Testimony of Marie-Andrée Bertrand
(Marie-Andrée Bertrand was a member of the Le Dain Commission, 1969-1972)

Neil Boyd, Professor, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University
Brief: Drugs Policy in Canada

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