John Weston – Conservative


John Weston – Conservative Party, Squamish, BC

Weston was opposed [to legalization] on the grounds that marijuana is an entry-level drug. “The Conservatives have brought in a series of laws that will crack down on drug related crime.”

Source: Pique Newsmagazine – October 10, 2008

Excerpt from the Senate Report on Cannabis…

Conclusions: On the gateway effect
* Cannabis itself is not a cause of other drug use.
* Cannabis use can be a gateway because it is illegal, which puts users in contact with other substances.

Pages 129 Vol 1 Part 2 Ch 6: Users and Uses: Form, Practice, Context

Gateway (theory)
Theory suggesting a sequential pattern in involvement in drug use from nicotine to alcohol, to cannabis and then “hard” drugs. The theory rests on a statistical association between the use of hard drugs and the fact that these users have generally used cannabis as their first illicit drug. This theory has not been validated by empirical research and is considered outdated.

Page xiii Vol 1 Glossary of Terms

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