Mark Glass – GPC

Mark Glass – Green Party, Tobique-Mactaquac, NB

The Green Party’s Mark Glass drew the loudest response, with his straight-forward answer, saying, “We legalize it, we regulate it and we tax it.”

In his response to the marijuana question, Glass noted gambling, alcohol and tobacco – all considered harmful to society – are legal substances. The government allows their sale and collects the taxes, he said.

He said government should take a step away from morality and use some common sense, noting it sees few results from the millions of dollars spent trying to bust grow-ops and trafficking rings. They would be better off selling it and collecting taxes, he said.

It would generate $1.5 billion in real money,” he said. “We take it off the streets and put it back into society.”

Source: The Bugle-Observer, October 10, 2008
[article no longer available]

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