Rick Norlock – CPC

Rick Norlock – MP, Northumberland-Quinte West, ON

Northumberland -Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s support for legalizing marijuana is “naive and oversimplistic” because it would add to society’s ills, not reduce them, says Northumberland-Quinte West MP Rick Norlock.

Trudeau re-ignited the national debate over marijuana while touring British Columbia last week, saying taxing and regulating pot is “one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of kids, because the current war on drugs …  is not working.”

Norlock scoffed at the Quebec MP’s reasoning, arguing selling marijuana through a system similar to that of a liquor control board would not prevent youth from acquiring the drug, the same way they can now with alcohol despite being underage.

Norlock agreed with Trudeau “the war on drugs has been less than successful” but argued making marijuana more widely available isn’t the answer.

“We have a huge problem with impaired driving,” he said, and that will only increase if marijuana use were to become more popular once legalized.

The MP said he “would be prepared to really seriously consider decriminalization or legalization if there were truly scientific studies” independently done and peer-reviewed in support of such a step but he is “unaware of any.”

[…] marijuana use hasn’t been studied as in-depth as alcohol and tobacco, Norlock said, and to legalize “another substance that we don’t know enough about” makes no sense.

Society is already “heading in the right direction” in trying to minimize the ill effects of alcohol and tobacco consumption, so “why do we want to open another can of medical problem worms?” he asked.

“Maybe we need to do things differently,” by consulting experts and referencing studies to see “if there is a better way to dissuade people from using drugs,” Norlock said.

“We need to, as a society, take a big, deep breath and really think hard before we contemplate doing things like this,” he said.

Excerpt from “MP Reiterates Opposition To Marijuana Legalization”
Source: Northumberland News, Aug. 1, 2013


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