Senator Nolin’s response

From: Nolin, Pierre-Claude
To: John Conroy
Sent: Thursday, September 6, 2012
Subject: Re: Norml Canada – Senate Campaign – 10th Year Anniversary of Nolin report

Good morning John and to all of you,

First a word to thank NORML Canada for remembering the Committee’s efforts and the culmination in the release of the report. After a decade it is even more important for every Government to invest to understand, confront and control violence.

Recently in front of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, Minister Toews declared that his main objective was to fight violence. He is was absolutely right! A good example of the kind of violence he should understand, prepare to confront and control is happening actually in Central America – mainly Mexico and Guatemala. That type of extreme violence – more than 16,000 deaths in the last 12 month in Mexico and even proportionally more in Guatemala – is the direct consequence of the prohibition of illegal drugs in North America.

Considering our love for peace and stability we collectively should be investing in understanding, preparing and controlling such a nightmare.

Pierre Claude Nolin