Alexa McDonough – NDP


“I think it is madness for young people to end up with criminal records for the simple possession of marijuana,” Continue reading

Brian Tobin – LPC


“It is one thing to talk about decriminalization, that I would support. It is quite another to talk about legalization, that I would definitely not support” Continue reading

Danielle Smith – Wildrose

Danielle Smith - Wildrose Leader

“She does not believe individuals should face a criminal record for smoking a joint” Continue reading

Elizabeth May – GPC

Elizabeth May

“The Green Party of Canada has come to the conclusion that it is time to legalize the adult use of marijuana” Continue reading

Geoff Fleischer – LPC


“It makes no sense to criminalize youth for something similar to alcohol.” Continue reading

Mike Allen – CPC


Mike Allen – Conservative Party – Tobique-Mactaquac, NB Tory incumbent Mike Allen also pointed to health issues as a concern. However, he questioned the benefit of giving someone a criminal record for being in possession of a joint. He also saw potential for medical use of cannabis. “But, at the Continue reading