Alice Finnamore – NDP


“Legalizing it, she said, would not only save tax dollars, but would free up the justice system to concentrate on more important criminal activity” Continue reading

Bill Forst – NDP


“agrees with [the Green party’s Blair] Wilson” (“We should tax it; we should regulate it.”) Continue reading

Catherine Bell – NDP


“Actually the NDP is in favour of decriminalization of marijuana for adult use.” Continue reading

Earl Dreeshen – CPC


“Our Government has no intention of legalizing or de-criminalizing marijuana. We do not believe marijuana is a harmless substance.” Continue reading

John Reilly – Liberal

John_Reilly - Liberal

John Reilly – Liberal Party, Banff, BC Reilly said that an interesting problem with legalizing marijuana in Canada was because of the “harsh” position taken in the United States, is that “we might have a terrible problem with an influx of people from the United States.” But he too noted Continue reading

Mike Allen – CPC


Mike Allen – Conservative Party – Tobique-Mactaquac, NB Tory incumbent Mike Allen also pointed to health issues as a concern. However, he questioned the benefit of giving someone a criminal record for being in possession of a joint. He also saw potential for medical use of cannabis. “But, at the Continue reading

Mike MacDonald – GPC


“The official party platform is to legalize marijuana. [Criminalizing marijuana requires] spending a lot of money and it doesn’t do any good.” Continue reading