Alice Finnamore – NDP


“Legalizing it, she said, would not only save tax dollars, but would free up the justice system to concentrate on more important criminal activity” Continue reading

Cathy McLeod – CPC


“To legalize a substance that is incredibly toxic and is going to create a huge impact on our health-care system cost doesn’t really make sense” Continue reading

John Weston – Conservative


“Weston was opposed [to legalization] on the grounds that marijuana is an entry-level [gateway] drug.” Continue reading

Randy Kamp – CPC

Randy Kamp

“Do we have any intent to legalize marijuana? The answer is no,” although possession of small amounts has been largely decriminalized” Continue reading

Sally McGrath – LPC


“Liberal candidate Sally McGrath opposes legalization, saying marijuana induces psychotic states and is dangerous” Continue reading

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper – Prime Minister, Conservative Party The father of a three-year-old girl and five-year-old boy said he doesn’t buy arguments that alcohol is more harmful than smoking marijuana. “As a parent, I would be more concerned about pot use than alcohol use by my children, even in moderation,” said Continue reading