Ian Sutherland – LPC


Ian Sutherland – Liberal Party, Squamish, BC Sutherland said he supports decriminalization. Source: Pique Newsmagazine – October 10, 2008

John Reilly – Liberal

John_Reilly - Liberal

John Reilly – Liberal Party, Banff, BC Reilly said that an interesting problem with legalizing marijuana in Canada was because of the “harsh” position taken in the United States, is that “we might have a terrible problem with an influx of people from the United States.” But he too noted Continue reading

Justin Trudeau – LPC


“Tax it, regulate. It’s one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids because the current war on drugs, the current model is not working” Continue reading

Larry Campbell – Liberal Senator


“Legalizing marijuana allows us to be able to control a drug that at the present time is not being controlled” Continue reading

Lawrence MacAulay – LPC


“[Legalization] will take it out of the hands of criminals and put it in the hands of government like a bottle of rum. Today, it seems [marijuana is] available anywhere you go.” Continue reading

Ralph Goodale – LPC


“We are of the view that a regulatory and taxation regime is likely to be more effective in keeping marijuana out of the hands of young people.” Continue reading

Sally McGrath – LPC


“Liberal candidate Sally McGrath opposes legalization, saying marijuana induces psychotic states and is dangerous” Continue reading

Sean Casey – Liberal justice critic

Sean Casey Liberal

Sean Casey – Charlottetown MP, Liberal justice critic “Regulating marijuana is ‘the way to protect our young people,’ says Charlottetown MP and Liberal justice critic Sean Casey. Let’s go at the source. Let’s get it out of the hands of the gangs and organized crime, tax and regulate it, so Continue reading

Ted Hsu – LPC


“The evidence seems to suggest that getting marijuana out of the hands of criminals might be a better way of dealing with any problems that come with it,” he said. Continue reading

Wayne Easter – LPC


“The current drug laws are not working and to try and implement a system in which you would have greater control and regulations over,” Continue reading