Brenda Jagpal – LPC


“My personal opinion is it should be legalized or controlled. Government doesn’t need to control peoples’ lives, they need to control their own lives.” Continue reading

Brian Tobin – LPC


“It is one thing to talk about decriminalization, that I would support. It is quite another to talk about legalization, that I would definitely not support” Continue reading

Keith Martin – LPC


Keith Martin – Liberal Party – Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, B.C. Liberal MP Keith Martin on why it’s time for Canada to decriminalize marijuana. TVO: The Agenda with Steve Paikin – June 26, 2009

Michael Ignatieff – LPC

Michael Ignatieff

“Ignatieff said Liberals would reintroduce [Martin] Cauchon’s bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use” Continue reading