Alexa McDonough – NDP


“I think it is madness for young people to end up with criminal records for the simple possession of marijuana,” Continue reading

Alex Atamanenko – NDP


Alex Atamanenko – British Columbia Southern Interior “There has to be certainly a decriminalization. We have to look at this to make sure we get the criminal element out and make sure there is a sensible policy that’s developed in this whole area of legalization and decriminalization.“ Source:¬†¬†Night At The Continue reading

Alice Finnamore – NDP


“Legalizing it, she said, would not only save tax dollars, but would free up the justice system to concentrate on more important criminal activity” Continue reading

Bill Forst – NDP


“agrees with [the Green party’s Blair] Wilson” (“We should tax it; we should regulate it.”) Continue reading

Catherine Bell – NDP


“Actually the NDP is in favour of decriminalization of marijuana for adult use.” Continue reading

Howard Hampton – NDP


“wants possession of marijuana handled outside the Criminal Code.” Continue reading

Jeff Horvath – NDP

Jeff Horvath NDP

Jeff Horvath – NDP “It is a serious issue for many people,” Horvath said. “But as a teacher and a parent — The New Democrats have a policy of decriminalization — I’m not too in favour of legalization, but I do understand the social impacts of alcohol, I’ve met plenty Continue reading

Joe Comartin – NDP


“suggested that marijuana be legalized and distributed by a government-regulated agency ‘like a liquor control board.'” Continue reading

Lorne Nystrom – NDP


“He called on the government to legalize marijuana to take distribution out of ‘criminal hands.'” Continue reading

Thomas Mulcair – NDP


“I think [decriminalization] would be a mistake because the information that we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.” Continue reading