Blair Wilson – GPC


We should tax it; we should regulate it; and we should get the money out of the hands of gangs that cause problems in our cities. Continue reading

Cathy McLeod – CPC


“To legalize a substance that is incredibly toxic and is going to create a huge impact on our health-care system cost doesn’t really make sense” Continue reading

Earl Dreeshen – CPC


“Our Government has no intention of legalizing or de-criminalizing marijuana. We do not believe marijuana is a harmless substance.” Continue reading

Elizabeth May – GPC

Elizabeth May

“The Green Party of Canada has come to the conclusion that it is time to legalize the adult use of marijuana” Continue reading

Lawrence MacAulay – LPC


“[Legalization] will take it out of the hands of criminals and put it in the hands of government like a bottle of rum. Today, it seems [marijuana is] available anywhere you go.” Continue reading

Lorne Nystrom – NDP


“He called on the government to legalize marijuana to take distribution out of ‘criminal hands.'” Continue reading

Philip Stone – GPC


“Prohibition does not work … we should legalize it and eliminate organized crime.” Continue reading

Ted Hsu – LPC


“The evidence seems to suggest that getting marijuana out of the hands of criminals might be a better way of dealing with any problems that come with it,” he said. Continue reading