Blake Richards – CPC


“I have strong concerns of legalizing marijuana, and I am not supporting legalizing marijuana or any kind of drug.” Continue reading

Cathy McLeod – CPC


“To legalize a substance that is incredibly toxic and is going to create a huge impact on our health-care system cost doesn’t really make sense” Continue reading

David Kilgour – PC Secretary of State

David Kilgour - PC

David Kilgour – PC Secretary of State “Advocates of legalization and decriminalization argue that illicit drugs should be treated as a health problem rather than an enforcement issue. This wrongly suggests it is an “either-or” proposition. In fact, Canada’s Drug Strategy calls for a balance between reducing the supply of Continue reading

Earl Dreeshen – CPC


“Our Government has no intention of legalizing or de-criminalizing marijuana. We do not believe marijuana is a harmless substance.” Continue reading

John Weston – Conservative


“Weston was opposed [to legalization] on the grounds that marijuana is an entry-level [gateway] drug.” Continue reading

Mike Allen – CPC


Mike Allen – Conservative Party – Tobique-Mactaquac, NB Tory incumbent Mike Allen also pointed to health issues as a concern. However, he questioned the benefit of giving someone a criminal record for being in possession of a joint. He also saw potential for medical use of cannabis. “But, at the Continue reading

Randy Kamp – CPC

Randy Kamp

“Do we have any intent to legalize marijuana? The answer is no,” although possession of small amounts has been largely decriminalized” Continue reading

Rick Norlock – CPC


“legalizing marijuana is ‘naive and oversimplistic’ because it would add to society’s ills, not reduce them” Continue reading

Sally McGrath – LPC


“Liberal candidate Sally McGrath opposes legalization, saying marijuana induces psychotic states and is dangerous” Continue reading

Thomas Mulcair – NDP


“I think [decriminalization] would be a mistake because the information that we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.” Continue reading