Alexa McDonough – NDP


“I think it is madness for young people to end up with criminal records for the simple possession of marijuana,” Continue reading

Alex Atamanenko – NDP


Alex Atamanenko – British Columbia Southern Interior “There has to be certainly a decriminalization. We have to look at this to make sure we get the criminal element out and make sure there is a sensible policy that’s developed in this whole area of legalization and decriminalization.“ Source:¬†¬†Night At The Continue reading

Catherine Bell – NDP


“Actually the NDP is in favour of decriminalization of marijuana for adult use.” Continue reading

Danielle Smith – Wildrose

Danielle Smith - Wildrose Leader

“She does not believe individuals should face a criminal record for smoking a joint” Continue reading

Geoff Fleischer – LPC


“It makes no sense to criminalize youth for something similar to alcohol.” Continue reading

Howard Hampton – NDP


“wants possession of marijuana handled outside the Criminal Code.” Continue reading

Ian Sutherland – LPC


Ian Sutherland – Liberal Party, Squamish, BC Sutherland said he supports decriminalization. Source: Pique Newsmagazine – October 10, 2008

Jeff Horvath – NDP

Jeff Horvath NDP

Jeff Horvath – NDP “It is a serious issue for many people,” Horvath said. “But as a teacher and a parent — The New Democrats have a policy of decriminalization — I’m not too in favour of legalization, but I do understand the social impacts of alcohol, I’ve met plenty Continue reading

John Reilly – Liberal

John_Reilly - Liberal

John Reilly – Liberal Party, Banff, BC Reilly said that an interesting problem with legalizing marijuana in Canada was because of the “harsh” position taken in the United States, is that “we might have a terrible problem with an influx of people from the United States.” But he too noted Continue reading

Ross Landry – NDP


“his department will probably eventually discuss whether prosecuting someone for possessing a small amount of marijuana is a good use of resources.” Continue reading