Cannabis: The road to legalization

Gareth Morley – Inroads Issue 41 interviews, a leading advocate for legal pot NORML Canada Executive Director – Craig Jones If you talk with police – away from cameras and microphones – they will tell you that enforcement of cannabis prohibition is not a good use of their time and resources. And they’ve known this […]

Legal Opinion – ACMPR Patient Access To Lounges

March 5, 2018 Paul Lewin, Legal Counsel for the Canadian Cannabis Industry – Lewin & Sagara LLP NORML Canada Secretary & Ontario Regional Director See my submission to the Ontario government on why providing medical cannabis patients a place where they can smoke, vape and communicate with like-minded people (such as vapour lounges) could stop […]

Corbella: A few things that should go up in smoke prior to pot legalization

December 16, 2017 Licia Corbella – Calgary Herald I’m no cannabis crusader, user, or fan of the plant, but I do favour its legalization. Having said that, many things are bothering me in the lead-up to the legalization of marijuana in Canada. NORML Canada’s Executive Director – Craig Jones interviewed.

The Wynne Monopoly

Paul Lewin NORML Canada’s Ontario Regional Director November 7, 2017 Kathleen Wynne wants to create a cannabis monopoly in Ontario. She says it’s her bureaucrats, not the cannabis community, who have the expertise to sell cannabis. They are good at checking ID. That is what makes them experts. The Liberals feel strongly about this. They […]

The court system’s bumpy road to marijuana legalization

Kirk Tousaw NORML Canada’s Pacific Regional Director November 7, 2017 Lawyer Kirk Tousaw says since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement in 2015, about 50,000 Canada have been arrested on cannabis possession charges.

420 Across Canada 2017

This year, NORML Canada wanted to capture a variety of voices and experiences during this year’s 4/20 celebrations. Being a particularly important year with legislation for legal cannabis regulation tabled just two weeks ago, we certainly know the work is only beginning. We checked in with NORML Canada Members across Canada to see what was […]

Liberals, marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018

March 26, 2017 NORML Canada President John Conroy: I expect the Federal government will control manufacturing and production and international matters and the provincial and territorial governments will control distribution and people will be able to grow up to 4 plants per residence (not residents), but the plants can be no bigger than 110 cm […]

October 2016 NORML Canada Newsletter

October 2016 NORML Canada Newsletter Karma Cup Fights On Women’s Panel at NORML Canada National Conference Owners and Employees of Six Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Fined by Courts   Karma Cup Fights On The Karma Cup event went extremely well, in spite of a last minute attempt by the City of Toronto to cancel the event. […]