After decades of committed political and legal activism, the irrational resiliency of the marijuana prohibition can seem truly daunting – particularly for a movement that is geographically and demographically diverse. As such, one of NORML Canada’s chief tasks involves the organization of anti-prohibitionist energies into directed and unified collective action, in an effort to give an effective form to the diverse voices of protest across the country.

In this section, you’ll find recommendations from the national leadership at NORML Canada concerning possible actions with which you can become involved.

(i) Become a Member
Become a Member and your 20$ donation will directly support the National Resolution Tour and the creation of the National Marijuana Advisory Council.

NORML Canada is deeply committed to the principle of grassroots organizing — acknowledging that the most effective forms of political action draw their vitality from local context. Accordingly, NORML Canada is sponsoring this National Resolution Tour to get in touch with activists, policy specialists, researchers and activists across Canada and help NORML regional chapters, which are themselves composed of a number of local chapters, better understand their local communities and link them to the National Resolution campaign.

Given that each of these chapters operates democratically, becoming a member with NORML Canada is the best way to get involved with the anti-prohibitionist movement at the local level. The regional and local chapters provide essential organizational structures (such as chapter message boards and home pages), which help facilitate grassroots activism. Furthermore, full membership allows you to influence the direction of your local chapter through both annual elections and referenda on action initiatives.

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(ii) Volunteer with NORML Canada
Even if you’re not a full member, you can still volunteer your time and energy towards local and national NORML Canada activities.

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(iii) Write your MP
Under the current political landscape of a minority government – where every vote counts – Members of Parliament must become more sensitive to the opinions of their constituency. While the national leadership at NORML Canada is focused on lobbying the federal government for legalization, individual citizens can play a large role in making the anti-prohibitionist agenda a pressing political issue simply by informing their MPs of their fundamental dissatisfaction with the status quo. As such, NORML Canada encourages all individuals who are sympathetic to the end of the marijuana prohibition to communicate their opinions to their MPs.

We have prepared a sample letter that you can sign and send off to your local MP. Alternatively, you can use this document as a template from which to develop your own letter (given that personalized letters often are received with more concern).

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(iv) Write a Letter to the Editor
Drawing attention to the anti-prohibitionist agenda within the mass media is a large effort. While the national leadership of NORML Canada is dedicated to engaging in large-scale media campaigns, individuals can also be effective in local media interventions. Accordingly, NORML Canada encourages individuals to submit Letters to the Editor of their local newspapers – particularly at times when the marijuana prohibition appears in the public spotlight.

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