US NHTSA Drugs & Alcohol Crash Risk Case Control Study Dec. 2016 and No Prison for Pot!!



March 17, 2017
NORML Canada President John Conroy:

From: John Conroy
Attached: 812355_DrugAlcoholCrashRisk.pdf

Dear Mr. Costen, Mr. Blair and Mr. Sidhu,

I am attaching a most recent study on the issue of impaired driving by alcohol and drugs by the US National Health Transportation Safety Association(NHTSA)(The Virginia Beach Study) that, once again, supports the position that fears over impaired driving crash risk consequences from the greater consumption of cannabis by its “legalization” are misplaced and are no reason to further delay implementation of the proposed ‘legalization” scheme. The current laws in place are adequate while science and technology furthers its quest for a fair and effective roadside screening device or process.

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